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31 mai. 2021

Attendance App

One of the main challenges that teachers can face during the school year is the absenteeism of some students. Indeed, when managing a large number of children (and sometimes even several classes!) at the same time, we know it can be complicated to keep track of everyone’s class attendance. If you struggle to see which students are regularly absent from class, why not use an attendance app created specifically for teachers? Klassroom tells you everything you should know about these new tools that can help your work as a teacher on a daily basis.

Why should you use an attendance app for teachers?

In the busy life of teachers, every minute counts! So, if you feel as if you are wasting time each day with the traditional way of taking attendance, you should try doing it with an app. Indeed, a digital attendance app can be both time saving and very convenient for teachers who don’t have enough time to organize everything, or who are tired of piling up paper reports. With an attendance app for teachers, you won’t have to memorize every single attendance result in order to keep up with your students’ attendance! Everything will be saved within the app, and you’ll be able to access and download the reports later to see what you may have missed during roll call.

Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have shaken up teaching habits and forced teachers and students to work remotely. In such a complicated context where students are stuck at home, it can be quite difficult to efficiently call roll! An attendance app is a great way to make your remote education routine easier.

What’s included in Klassly’s attendance management feature?

Do you want to try using an attendance app for teachers? Then look no further! The Klassly app has everything you need for roll call, as well as many other useful features for teaching remotely and organizing your daily schedule.

Create student lists

Klassly’s attendance manager service allows you to create various student lists to take attendance, which can be particularly useful for teachers who are in charge of several classes at the same time or who are teaching half-groups. Each list lets you see the students’ photos and name so that you can easily track who is present and who is not, even at the beginning of the year when you’re still learning everybody’s names!

Call roll in just a few minutes

Once you’ve installed the app and created your student lists, you’ll be able to take attendance in a matter of minutes! Select the list you need and simply tap on each student’s profile to indicate if they are present or not. Thanks to the children’s’ photos, it’ll be even quicker for you! If a student turns out to be late instead of absent, you can also register it on the app in order to monitor if their tardiness becomes recurrent.

Download a detailed report

Our attendance tracker feature doesn’t just let you check attendance each day, it also generates automatic reports! After each roll call, you’ll be able to download a detailed report on your smartphone or on your computer that will help you keep track of every student’s attendance record. Thanks to Klassly’s reports, you won’t have to remember if one of your students was absent; the app will do it for you!

What are the other features in the Klassly app?

On top of being an attendance management software, the Klassly app offers many other services that can be extremely useful to teachers on a daily basis. Indeed, roll call is just one of the numerous tasks a teacher has to do every day in order to make sure their students are making progress! At Klassroom, we know that being a teacher requires a lot of organization, and we’re determined to help. That’s why we decided to include a complete set of tools designed for teachers in our digital app. For instance, Klassly users can also use a private messaging feature to start a conversation with parents. This way, if you find that a student is frequently absent from class, you can easily get into touch with their family to discuss the issue.

Teachers using Klassly also benefit from Klasswork, our homework management service! With Klasswork, not only will you be able to organize all your assignments by color and topic, but you’ll also see which students have already completed their homework and which ones might need some help. Visit our website to find out what else you can do with Klassly!


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