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Childcare app – Daycare app

Childcare centers must establish regular communication with parents to enhance child learning, get parents involved in the learning process and ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Sometimes, it’s not always possible to meet parents in person and therefore childcare centers must adapt and choose a digital communication strategy. Keep reading to find out how Klassly can provide your childcare center with the ideal parent communication tool

What is Klassly?

Klassly is a free and secure childcare app that makes communicating with parents a piece of cake. Klassly is an app designed by teachers to meet all their needs. It’s easy to use, accessible and ensures the protection of personal data and privacy. Klassly is used by thousands of schools in over 120 countries. Klassly allows parents to be more involved in their child’s learning. It also allows institutions to build strong lasting relationships with families for the fulfillment of children.

Klassly for childcare centres

Even though Klassly was originally designed for schools, it is also perfectly suitable for childcare centers. Once you have downloaded the app for free, you simply enter the names of the children enrolled in the childcare center. With Klassly, you can publish photos and videos of the events of the day and make parents feel like they’re really there with their children. With Klassly, you can send private or group messages to parents and even hold video conferences. In case of emergencies, Klassly is also very efficient. In fact, roughly 97% of teachers say that Klassly is an effective tool for emergency communications. Klassly also has your privacy in mind. That’s why parents cannot contact you directly with Klassly but must first send a request. Klassly also provides child caregivers with a “do not disturb mode”.

Klassly for parents

Klassly is also great for parents. It is free and can be accessed anywhere on any PC or mobile device. It allows parents who live far away to stay in touch with their child’s learning and observe their child’s activities. This contributes to better parent involvement. Even language barriers are no problem for Klassly since it provides families with a handy translation tool that enables them to stay in touch with the childcare center. Parents can have total peace of mind by knowing that all their personal data is completely safe on Klassly and is protected under the European General Data Protection Regulation. Furthermore, it’s good to know that Klassly will never sell or lease your personal data to third parties. Last but not least, Klassly allows parents to print photos in order to keep precious memories.


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